The Motorsports
Club of Clubs

Spread across the globe, the world’s finest private motorsports circuits offer exclusive access to the very best driving facilities. Their customers enjoy privileged access to the most challenging — and rewarding — circuits devised by the master designers of tracks for Formula 1.  Refined club facilities and extraordinary personal service have welcomed their customers into the exclusive world where a passion for fine automobiles becomes a shared bond. The circuits may differ but the commitment to excellence of the private circuit members of the Motorsports Club of Clubs is universal.

Now, the Motorsports Club of Clubs is helping these passionate drivers expand their horizons to include extraordinary private circuits near and far. Could an inspired enthusiast visit a dozen exquisite circuits in other locales? Two dozen? The Motorsports Club of Clubs can make that happen.

The names are the
stuff of legends

Eau Rouge, Corkscrew, Maggots/Becketts. These are the corners that helped define the famous racetracks at Spa-Francorchamps, Laguna Seca and Silverstone. They are essential motorsports history.

Today, a select group of visionaries are writing a new chapter in motorsports history. They are located in every corner of the globe, yet they are the pioneers who have reimagined driving adventure and created something wholly new: the private motorsports circuit.



Like so many great ideas, the Motorsports Club of Clubs started as a conversation.

The bold entrepreneurs creating the new circuits came together and talked. Sprinkled across the globe, they faced the same familiar obstacles: Land acquisition, local zoning hurdles, noise concerns and environmental questions.

While the resolution of the issues in each location was never quite the same, the knowledge gathered by the Tilke team helped solve problems and build solutions. New track developers benefited from the experience of the projects that came before them, and existing tracks learned from the latest designs and technologies. They may have been separated by languages and time zones, but the circuits had much in common.

An invitation to knowledge, expertise and proven business success.

The shared experience of the circuits has built the Motorsports Club of Clubs, and now the wisdom of the members will shape its future. The circuit developers will help capitalize on the international business potential, driven by their customers who seek driving adventure at member circuits around the world. That’s the next horizon for a truly global Motorsports Club of Clubs.